A couple guys and gals around the place are skateboard fans. So much that they have convinced me to get one. What are your thoughts on the Landyachtz? I am also considering a GFH longboard. The crazy thing is I have not ridden a board in over 15 years. I think this may be a diaster waiting to happen, but in the love of all things GREEN, I am diving … Read More →

Oi Polloi in Manchester

The brits across the pound seem to have it right when it comes to fashion and style, however the team at Oi Polloi seem to be taking it to the next level. They have put together not only a brilliant store front in Manchester’s east end, but deliver a high level experience online. We endorse fully and hope to work with these guys in the future. Cheers! Check out more … Read More →

They FFFFOUND! : Sebago

The website (that’s right they spell it with 4 F’s) it wickedly smart. Everytime I got back it is always popping up photos that I like specifically “found” for me by their search engine. This is what popped up when I last checked. It is pretty funny considering Repertoire will be carrying these in the Spring! NICE

Inspirations from NY : Madam Geneva

On our recent buying trip to NY for Fall 2011, we stubbled across this place called Madam Geneva.  I was a Simple, understated bar, with fresh tunes and REALLY good drinks. We are not kidding when we say really good. They make this one drink with fresh marmalade, and you pick your choice of liquor…on the rocks with a splash of simply syrup…all we could say is wow. Thank to … Read More →

We Endorse Land Rover Defender ’95 Style

To keep up wiht our car fetish would be like keeping up with Sarah Pailin’s hair do’s. However every once in a while we come across a crazy nice car that we want in our garage. Call it our “Repertoire Delivery Van” or something close to it. Check the photo and you decide.

Nom de Guerre x Oliver Peoples Eyewear

We are about two years late on this collaboration however, if you are so lucky to find an optician (like someone in our office was) who is able to still special order these beautiful you will be in for a good treat. These a simple, elegant and understated eyeglasses that will stand the test of time for sure. Take a look at the colorways after the click.

MTOH: My Type of Hype – We Endosre

If you haven’t heard the creative team over at MTOH are on the move. We have been following them since inception..(considering one of the founding members is the owner of Repertoire) and there reviews, selection and overall style of music is on time. Take a listen look here to see what they have up their sleeves.

HW: Style Stalking with our UK peeps

As our ambitious hunt continues to find new style, swagger, taste, etc our friends across always keep it current and fresh. Take a look at the folks from Style Savages who do it at a high level. Keeping it coming my freinds Take a look at more here. We love Repertoire!

NorBlack, NorWhite Spring 2011 / Real Dope!

This desi duo is unbelievably nice! Check out the cool and chic offerings from the young team at NorBlack, NorWhite. Their casual, modern take to traditional Indian fabrics and designs hits close to home for us at Repertoire. Thanks to Highsnobette for the reference. Check out more about NorBlack, NorWhite here. And a quick video link here!

All Chained Up

When it comes to accessories I know personally I can’t have enough. This New York brand called Armor hand crafts their own metal beauties. Not only do I think this body 3 piece chain for women is amazing but also can be worn in multiple ways! Can be purchased on 80s purple.