HW:: Norse Projects Fall 2010

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At Repertoire we are committed to Heritage Wednesdays and bringing you what we think are essential pieces for this new Heritage movment cosidering WE are the originators…

So what would compliment a perfect pair of Sebago’s or Red Wings?  The folks at Norse Projects seem to figure that out well. Take a look at their Fall 2010 preview that will keep you up to date on your Heritage goods.

Thanks to Good Hood for the link (more…)

HW:: Brooklyn Circus – EXTRA DROP

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All we have to say is….keep doing it Brooklyn Circus.

We love the letterman cardigan and on the low we have a couple old Brooks Brothers cardigans we are dropping the Repertoire logo on for the winter. We’ll keep you posted . Love the dedication to heritage pieces.

Watch Bandits – Repertoire Style

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We believe that more than just keeping nice shoes in you “repertoire” it is also necessary to have a nice time piece or pieces.

So we put together our top 5 dope-ist/affordable watched to get your time game up

Take a browse

Recon 5 – nice brown leather banded watch // price: $425


Timex x JCrew Callabo on Vintage Military // price: $150

TimexJCrewSide (more…)

The Perfect Camera Bag for the Ladies

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Whenever I go out with my girl friends I really like documenting the night by taking pictures. A few ladies of mine don’t just whip out the camera from their phones to take pictures but they go all out on their nice $600 camera. We end up getting perfect pictures for the night but the problem is.. How is your $600-$1000 dollar camera going to be safe? Sometimes I see my ladies struggling with how to protect their camera when they are trying to dance at a club. Either they rock it by putting it in a big purse (which may be uncomfortable having a big purse at a club) or hold it in their hands all night which can be annoying too. I was just searching around the web for cute bags the other day and came across a brand called LUXIRARE. They have things from great vintage pieces to beautiful leather bags. As soon as i saw this camera bag I immediately fell in love.

girl holding camerabag
front of bag

This bag was customized to hold only a Nixon D90. It can hold not only the camera but as well as your phone and your cash. It is the perfect size to carry around at night when you are in the town with your girls. The great thing about it is you can still take pictures on while the camera is in the bag?! The bag is not only practical for a photographer but is very stylish!


Out & About w/Repertoire 2010 (pt.1)

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IMG_0757pre pop-up…thanks {milk bar}

Come travel with us throughout the year from parties,  to trade shows, to random trips to butt-f**k ohio. It’s always a great time as we continue to build.

Check it out & look for more stuff from our brothers at MyTypeofHype




Grenson Fall 2010 Boot Anyone?

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Grensen boot fall10

Grenson continue to keep that well-oiled company in front of it’s piers by continuing to drop signature pieces with a slight twist.

Check out the rugged, but still classy take on the 1950′s military boot!

More to come from Grenson for the Fall.

Mark McNairy for Weejuns @ Repertoire Fall 2010

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mm weejuns saddle shoe

We came back from a dope visit to NY and the Compass trade show with some nice surprises not only for Spring 2011, but Fall 2010 as well.

Check out the Mark McNairy for  Bass Weejuns saddle shoe above and be on the look out for more pieces from this brilliant designer!

More after the hump… (more…)

Gitman Vintage X SeaVees Spring 2011

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I have been trying to reframe from making this post, but this shoe is too dope.

So in my little short story version this how I imagined the folks from Gitman Vintage and SeaVees connected to make, (what I think to be) the most sought after shoe next Spring…

SeaVees: That’s a dope stripe shirt you’re wearing today Andy, what is that?

Andy: Gitman Vintage…absolutley brillitant

SeaVees: Yo, we need that shirting fabric on our shoe silhouette, how do we get that?

Andy: Contact Gitman, it’s only necessary

SeaVees: Great, done!

More looks of the Gitman x SeaVees colabo and more Spring 2011 after the click


Sebago (WOMEN’S) Fall 2010 DOCK REVIEW

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sebago wm fall10

Ladies you asked for it, we delivered….Sebage’s classic docksider will be available at Repertoire early Fall just in time for your last trip to Alum Creek!

Take a look above and get prepared for what’s in store for Spring 2011. Ladies, this is just the beginning to a beautiful relationship between Repertoire and you…

Until later!

Red Wings @ Repertoire Fall 2010

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redwings fall 2010

Come one, Come all! The Red Wings traditional are back and will available at Repertoire {NEW} pop-up location in October & our ONLINE shop as well!

These work boots will be the perfect addition to your “repertoire” (pun intended) and nice for those cold Midwest Winters…and actually you Southern(s) down there in Georgia may want to pick up a pair too,,,it’s been known to get a light dusting down there too!

Stay tuned for more details but have a look at what’s in store!